The Glassless Glasses Studio is an art activation collaborative based in New York.

Founded in 2008 by Yazmany Arboleda, the studio takes a critical view of social, political and moral issues in a culture ever more driven by the media. We deconstruct the contemporary human experience by using the very same media prism that shapes our perspectives from childhood to adult life. Our work considers how nature and culture combine to define standards of human beauty common across time and geography. We explore the way the growing ubiquity of information has been accompanied by a crumbling of faith in news institutions, government and business. The work depicts and analyzes inter-connections and influences, and often engages the viewer, knowingly or not, to become a part of the art itself. 

The inspiration for the studio’s name comes from the idea that the information, visual or otherwise, that we are presented with through modern media is essentially distorted. In contrast, glassless glasses provide a frame for our surrounding landscape without correcting one’s own natural vision. The studio’s work seeks to frame, select and display a truer reality, even if through multiple, magnifying, telescoping lenses. Our installations are inventories of how we live now: objects, video portraits, paintings, photographs, and other art forms, as well as records of the viewers’ reactions to the work. The arrangements blur the lines between art, news, and technology. The gallery is conceptualized as a modified context where the viewer reexamines the truths surrounding them, and hopefully reaches a level of self awareness.

While we use a great variety of materials and processes in each project, our methodology is consistent. We create multiple realities, challenge certainties and unmask prejudices. We mix the ready-made and the fabricated to scrutinize centuries of values hidden in plain sight. Projects are layered in media, connecting through themes and meanings. We relish collaborative thought and processes as ways to understand more about ourselves, and how our work affects other artists and their own pursuits.

As we perceive the world around us, we ask questions. We seek to answer them through our work, and we present our findings through Glassless Glasses.